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Totally Global


Perfect for export and import companies, or any organisation with offices, premises, clients or agents in several locations.
There are three main components:

Totally Impressive

A website, which can be single, dual or multilanguage. Unlike most international websites which cater for different languages, ours are easily updatable by authorised users and translators. The images, videos, styles and formatting all carry through to perfectly maintain the look and feel of the website.

Totally Organised

An Intranet, or Customer Relations Management System, accessible by managers and staff of the organisation, wherever they are in the world. There are full document management facilities, all internal and external contacts and addresses can easily be kept up-to-date, along with calendars, sales & project management, notes, stock control, etc. In fact everything an organisation needs in terms of information management.

Totally Connected

A global telephone system which integrates with the Intranet/CRM. Any number of extensions can be provided. Calls can be made to, from, and between software-based phones on Windows or Mac computers, IP desk phones, landline phones and mobiles.
We can provide local, national or freephone telephone numbers in almost any country in the world. The easier it is for your clients or agents to contact you, the more business they will do with you.


Wherever you are in the world, we can connect you